I know, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. But – I have been working hard on making progress on the Garden Quilt, and I’m pleased to tell you I finally got it finished. Yay!!  I’ve got pictures for you, but they aren’t the greatest.  Just warning you…

Garden Quilt FMQ Loopy Flowers

The finished quilt.

I’ve loved making this quilt from the start. The fabric is so pretty, the brick pattern shows it off nicely, and it looks like a quilt someone would really want to snuggle up with.

You might remember I chose to quilt it with a loopy flower design. I like the design, and it is fairly quick and easy. Even though each flower is individual and I had to bury knots twice for each one, once I had a rhythm the quilting went quickly. Bonus: Now I can say I have flowers in my garden! (Iknow, corny….but that’s how I am.) This design would be easy to convert to a continuous pattern and then there wouldn’t be so much thread clipping.  In the following picture you can really see the quilted flowers.

FMQ Loopy Flowers

See all the flowers in my garden?

I was a bit worried about using two thread colors because the back color would show on the top some. Once I washed and dried the quilt, it wasn’t even noticeable. I was so relieved!  🙂  FYI: These pics are pre-wash, so you’ll probably see a stray thread or two.

Garden Quilt Brick Pattern FMQ Loopy Flower

The front of the quilt.


Garden Quilt Pieced Back

The back of the quilt.

Look how messy that back looks in the above picture!  It’s so sunny out and it’s making lots of shadows. The back looks so much nicer in person.  Anyway, I used leftover pieces of the bricks to piece a strip for the back.  I really like how it turned out.

Scrappy Binding

I auditioned several different bindings and ended up scrapping my original idea and piecing the binding from scraps of the layer cake and backing. I have decided I love scrappy bindings!  This is a part of quilting/designing I still struggle with. I’m not sure why it’s so hard for me…….

After I finished the quilt I went back and added flowers in a few areas that looked a little empty. Those spots aren’t noticeable on the front, but it really shows up on the back. That’s where a printed backing would be an advantage! After looking at these pictures, I see a few spots where I should probably add a small flower or two.  Maybe this will be a quilt that is never quite finished??

Garden Quilt label

This time I remembered to label the quilt before I had the binding sewn on. It’s a simple label, but it gets the job done.

Garden Quilt Brick Pattern

The quilt is so soft and snuggly.  Seeing it on the hammock makes me want to spend the rest of the day just swinging and chilling out!

So, again, I learned a lot while making the Garden Quilt. My skills are improving and I’m definitely getting more comfortable with FMQ. I have three quilt tops waiting for me to quilt, and tons of ideas for other projects. Back to the sewing room I go!

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