Oh my.

I’ve looked high. I’ve looked low. I’ve looked in all the nooks and crannies of my house. Searching, begging for a Friday Finish.

There is none to be found.

Absolutely none.

I thought I would have one to share. Seriously.  But I just. can’t. find. one.

So instead of a Friday Finish, you get a Friday Might Be a Finish Tonight. Or, as I call it, a FMBFT….

I’m working on a lovely embroidered quilt top that belongs to one of the new customers I told you about on Monday. Look at all her hand work! There are 12 of these blocks.

Embroidered Quilt Block in Purple

The quilting on this is easy straight line quilting. I whipped this out in no time at all. There are a lot of threads to bury, and I’ll be working on those later today.

There are two borders – a smaller 2-1/2″ border, and the outer 8″ border.

FMQ Borders

I quilted hearts in the smaller border, using Mono-Poly thread. This is the first project I’ve used the thread in, and it worked beautifully. I had no tension issues, and I’m really pleased with how well my machine handled it. I changed my needle to a size 14 as recommended and it stitched like a dream.

FMQ Hearts in a Border

The outside border is a loose, loopy meander. I really had to work to keep the border and back from puckering. There’s a bit too much fabric in the borders.

Loopy Meander Quilting in Border

I only have three sides of the last border to quilt and then this project will be done. I’m pretty happy with the way it looks; I just hope my client is too!

So, if my FMBFT turns into a FF I’ll share it on Instagram . If not, there’s always SMBFT. 😉

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