I didn’t plan on having a Friday Finish post today. To be honest, I didn’t feel like I could claim this finish for a couple of reasons. One, I didn’t piece the top. I just quilted it for a customer. And two, the quilting is pretty basic and not (IMHO) something that necessarily needs written about.

Then I talked to a friend yesterday who reminded me that ‘a finish is a finish, no matter what’. She also said that what may seem like a not post-worthy finish to me may be exactly what someone else needs or wants to see. As you know, friends who can slap you upside the head in a very gentle and loving way are priceless and are keepers. Not to mention they’re usually right…. 🙂

So here is this weeks Friday Finish:

Baby Girl QuiltWanda pieced the top for a new great-grandbaby that is on her way. She used some really cute pieces of fabric and I love how bright and colorful this quilt is.

Wanda is a fun person full of life and I love working on her quilts. She has had some hardships but no one would ever guess that. She is the only quilter in her family, and is totally self-taught by watching YouTube video’s and scouring the internet for tutorials. The first time I met her, the first question she asked me was ‘can you read quilt patterns?’ She was worried about her tops not being ‘good enough’ but I quickly reassured her everything would be fine. She needn’t have worried.

Quilt loaded on FrameThis is only the second quilt Wanda has made. Both quilts I have quilted for her have been almost totally square. There has been no waviness of borders or puffiness in the blocks. The top lays flat when I load it on the frame and the sides have all been straight. I love quilting her tops.

This one has a fun print on the back:

Quilt BackWanda asked for an allover design, so I quilted a freehand loopy meander. For a fun surprise, I stitched in a heart here and there. I hope that Wanda and her grandbaby have fun looking for all the hearts tucked in.

Freehand Heart FMQ

That’s it for today’s finish. Wanda will be spending the next couple of months in Florida with one of her daughters so I won’t be seeing more quilts from her for a while. I hope she enjoys the warmer weather, and look forward to seeing the tops she’ll make while she’s gone!

Have a great weekend!