For 2015 I am participating in the Bee Hive bee and I am part of Swarm Tina. At first I was a bit nervous about joining in, but we have a great group of ladies and it has been nothing but fun. Our group has a dedicated Facebook group and we are able to communicate, share stories, get to know each other and just have fun (last week there was a week long discussion on what we were eating for dinner!). I was the Queen for February and I have all the blocks I received put together and finished the quilt this week.  Whoop!!

The pattern we used was called ‘Chainlink’. It’s a free pattern and is available here. I asked for blocks made with blues/teal/aqua/green with the background in white.

Chainlink Quilt Pattern

Look how perfect this is!! It is so interesting to me that twelve people made these blocks and they go together so perfectly.  One of the girls sent two blocks (she said she messed up but I don’t see it 🙂 ) so I made three more to make the size of the quilt a bit bigger and be able to use that 13th block. Many of my bee mates sent extra fabric and that made it easy to make extra blocks that fit right in.

Chainlink Quilt Pattern

I used a blue print for the backing – it is from Windham Fabrics and is called Spin. I also pieced together all the scraps the ladies sent and added them to the back.

Pieced Backing

One of the girls in our group had a Bee logo printed for us and I added that tag to the back. Isn’t it adorable?? This picture also shows the detail of the blue print fabric.

Bee Logo

I quilted this in a loopy, swirly, flowery design from Christina Camelli. I like the way it looks and the loopy flowers really allowed the fabric to crinkle and I love that look. It’s a fun pattern to quilt and it works up pretty fast. The picture below shows the detail of the quilting and this was taken before washing. I’m not sure why that blue looks so washed out here; it really is a brighter blue like above.

Quilting Detail

I am so happy with this quilt and grateful to the ladies who so graciously sent blocks and tons of other goodies. It’s a beautiful quilt and I love using it. What a fantastic finish!

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