Patchwork Quilt

This has been a pretty productive week for me. I was pleased to get the two football quilt tops finished for our friend Fred and worked on basting them to the fleece backing today. That is a slow process because I’m pinning it very close together, but more about that another day.

My sister sent this quilt to me and asked me to quilt an allover flower design on it. It is a simple patchwork quilt with a solid blue backing. Even though I wouldn’t use some of these fabrics in my own quilting, I adore this print.

Birds and Butterfllies Panel Quilt

Look how fabulous those birds and butterflies are! I don’t know what she is naming this quilt, but I’ve named it Birds & Butterflies. I think it fits.

For the quilting, I used So Fine! #50 in Snow #401. It is my go to thread and blends beautifully. In fact, I had a difficult time quilting in the printed panels because it was difficult to see my stitches. Let me tell you, I was really hunched over my machine so I could see better.

It blends well in the other two prints too, but I could see the stitches a lot better.

Birds Butterflies Quilt

After I was finished and laid the quilt out, I could tell that it was quilted, but really couldn’t distinquish the stitches. The quilt has a nice cuddly feel, which is exactly what Sis wanted. I think I delivered. 🙂

The back is a solid blue and really shows off the stitching. I think it’s almost as pretty as the front because of all the flowers.

Back of Quilt Flower Design FMQ

The only thing I’m uncomfortable with is that it also shows off all my little wobbles and blips. I know that once the quilt is washed those will disappear, but it still bothers me a bit. I’m trying to learn how to let go of the perfectionism. I keep telling myself those wobbles add personality. I hope it’s not just an excuse, and I hope Sis likes a quilt with personality!

I’m happy to have completed this project for her. I can’t wait until it’s delivered and in her hands.

So now I can check one project off my WIP list. I’m sure something will fill that empty spot soon!

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and if you’re celebrating Memorial Day I hope you enjoy your long holiday weekend!