On Saturday I started to put my quilt top, back and batting together for quilting when oops! The last piece of batting on the bolt wasn’t large enough. Drat! I had the whole day to quilt, was in my scrubby clothes, hair in a mess and I DID NOT want to make a trip to the quilt shop.

I remembered that I had bought a roll of batting tape months ago because my sister told me I needed it. When sister talks, I listen. So I pulled out my biggest pieces of batting and the roll of tape to piece together a batting large enough to use.

Have you guys used this stuff?

Batting Tape

It works like a dream! All you do is lay two pieces of batting side by side with straight edges together, place a piece of the batting tape on top of the seam and press it in place. Seriously, I think it took longer for my iron to get hot than it did for me to make a piece of batting large enough for a lap size quilt.

Let me show you:

Supplies for Taping Batting

Batting - Edges Together

Batting Tape before Pressing


Batting Fused TogetherIn just minutes, I had a large usable piece of batting and my project was back on track.

Now, you can stitch batting together with a zigzag stitch and you don’t need the batting tape. But for me, it was so much faster and easier to just press the tape to the batting and move on.

I’ve had the tape for a while and only used it once on a small project. I was so happy to see how well it worked for a large piece of batting. It’s easy to quilt on – you don’t even know when you are stitching on it.

(Let me say this post is all my own opinion and I’m not receiving anything from anyone to tell you about the tape. There may be other brands out there but I’m only familiar with this one.) I’m glad I had it in my supply cabinet. If you ever get a chance to try batting tape, my sister and I hope you like it as much as we do!