I absolutely pinky swear, cross my heart, raise my hand in the Girl Scout pledge, that this will be the last I talk about the Bird Quilt. This week. Maybe. Seriously.

My friend, Leslie, the lucky person who is going to receive the bird quilt said to me “I’m not taking that quilt home until it has a label on it.” She has this notion that ALL quilts everywhere should be labeled. Weird, right?

Okay, maybe not so weird. But I’m lousy at labeling my quilts and she knows it. Recently Leslie’s daughter bought a quilt at a thrift shop and it was labeled with the maker’s name, date, and home town. They both love knowing when, where, and who made the quilt.

So I made a label. Nothing fancy, but all the pertinent info is there. Years from now, someone may find this quilt and know when, where, and who made it. Which is good info to have if they’re interested. It adds to the story of the quilt. And who doesn’t love a good quilt story?

I got to use my embroidery machine, so that was fun. The next label I make (Yes, there will be more!), I want to make the label more personal and themed to the quilt. This one would have looked good with a tiny bird on there somewhere..

That’s it – done with the bird quilt. Although I will tell you, I bought myself one of the panels so I see another one of these in my future. šŸ™‚

In other news, I snapped a pic of the fabric pull for my next project. I’m making a queen size Card Trick quilt in these lovely blues:

I’m excited to start cutting into these. It’s going to be a fun top to make.

Have a great week with lots of quilty fun!

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