Remember forever ago (so long in fact that I couldn’t even find the post) when I said I wasn’t calling my fabric a stash, but a collection? Somehow I thought that would make me feel better about all the fabric I have. Duh….

It’s time to call it what it is…..a STASH!

This year I quietly told myself I would use more of the fabric I already have and only buy for specific projects and backings.

I’m gonna tell you right now – total fail. I was doing okay, but not great. Then last week I was given the opportunity to visit some amazing quilt shops and I slid down the slippery slope. Fast!

So now I’m going to stop talking and let you see all the goodies.

Whitewashed Cottage

Essentials Cookie Dough (Top) and Whitewashed Cottage (Bottom)

Don’t you love that name “Cookie Dough”? Who could resist?? What you can’t see is the polka dot piece folded inside the piece of cookie dough fabric. I didn’t even realize until I was putting these away. See, even the shop owner is trying to hide how much fabric I bought!

Coastal Houses fabric

Coastal Houses – The Henley Studio – Makower UK

The print of these coastal houses is actually a bit lighter than it shows in the pic. It’s a wonderful low volume piece that I have NO plans for, but couldn’t resist.

Dark Matter Andover

Dark Matter – Andover Fabric

This piece excites me so much I bought 2 yards of it. I love those bits of chartreuse that pop with those navy specks and can’t wait to find the perfect project for this fabric. (The shop owner commented that people are loving this fabric and he doesn’t understand why. He said it just looks like a used paint drop cloth to him. LOL)

Sundrops Fat Quarter

Sundrops by Corey Yoder for Moda Fabrics

It took me all of two minutes to snag this fat quarter bundle of Sundrops. I walked by the display and before I knew it I was at the counter with my credit card at the ready. Maybe I was afraid someone would take it from me??

While on my shopping trip I also purchased 3 wide backings, a few smaller pieces of low volume fabrics, some really cool looking feedsack prints, and ribbons for almost nothing. Pictures of those will come later, as well as the story behind my trip. There’s just too much for this post.

But I can’t stop until I show you these next two bundles. Apparently shopping in person wasn’t enough. I also had to do some late night clicking and these two bundles arrived yesterday from Craftsy.

Sherwood Fat Quarter Bundle

Sherwood Fat Quarter Bundle – Andover Fabrics

I love all the little animals in these prints. No plan for them yet, but something will come up, right?

Moonglow Fat Quarter Bundle

Moonglow Fat Quarter Bundle – Andover Fabrics

And last but not least, a low volume bundle – something I really need to add to my collection. I have very few low volume pieces, and I have a plan for a few of these.

Both these bundles totaled less than $20. That’s 16 fat quarters for $19. Delivered to my door. If you need to add to your own stash, you’ll find some great deals – just click on over to Craftsy and start shopping! (Yes, I’m an enabler!!)

Linking up to Molli Sparkles – go see the goodies others have added to their own stash!

I hope to see you back here tomorrow for Main Crush Monday. You can already see what I’m crushing on! 🙂