That’s right – a second finish this week! I’ve worked my little fingers to nubs and had a couple late nights and ended up with this:

Wholecloth Baby Quilt FMQReally, there aren’t that many hours in this quilt – it measures 34″ x 42″, so it’s not that big. But hubby is working a weird shift this week. He’s sleeping during the day (no sewing!) and is gone all evening, therefore the late night stitching.

This quilt is pretty much the same as the first wholecloth baby quilt I made, but on this one I added in words here and there. ‘Love’ ‘Laugh’ ‘Hope’ Dream’ – you get the idea.

Posts on the first quilt can be found on these links:

You can click on the pics below to make them bigger and easier to read the words.

There are also the sweetest hearts sprinkled here and there…

FMQ Wholecloth quilt

…and fun filled feathers (also known around my house as cheater feathers) 🙂

Wholecloth baby quilt FMQ

I had a lot of fun throwing in these swirls that just build. I first tried these on this baby quilt and love the way they look.

FMQ Wholecloth baby quiltI still have some practicing to do to get that center swirl just right, but it does get easier with practice.

The minky on the back is a lovely orchid color. The thread on top is the same color. I wanted to give the white a hint of color with the thread, but it didn’t work as well here as it did on the pink version. I probably needed to use a darker thread color. But I love the color of the minky.

wholecloth minky quilt fmq

And one more picture, just because!

wholecloth baby quilt fmq

Some of you will see these pictures and say “Beth! That binding is done by machine!” You would be right. You all know my preferred method is hand stitching the binding to the back. However, working with Minky can be a bit tricky and I’m not confident my stitches will stay when using that stretchy fabric. So I sewed it by machine. I love how quickly I was able to finish the binding and I’m confident now that it will stay in place. I’m still not sold on the look once it’s finished but that is on me….I’m just not that good at it yet.

When I make another quilt that requires machine binding, I will attach it so the stitched line that runs along the side of the binding will be on the back. The texture of the Minky will hide that stitch line and I would prefer that look.

I’m super excited to have this quilt finished. It’s in the mail and winging it’s way to the sweet little one who will be using it. She arrived three weeks early, and Momma and baby are doing well. I can’t wait until I can see her and hold that bundle of sweetness!

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Wholecloth Baby Quilt